Cross Training

Benefits of Cross Training

Cross training in the New Jersey office has proven to be most invaluable to not only the office but the company on the whole.  I have been in a unique position recently and had been able to be fully trained as a project coordinator thanks to the patience and the time dedicated by the New Jersey project coordinators.  The situation in our office was not unique and could happen in any of the other Maxons offices.  One of our project coordinators had an injury recently which prompted her to work from home for an extended period of time.  Fortunately, I had been trained as a project coordinator prior to her absence.  Had I not, the brunt of the work load would have fallen on the one and only remaining coordinator and could have become very overwhelming for her in a short period of time.  In addition, our office went through a very stressful time during and after Hurricane Irene.  The additional workload for the project management/coordinator staff was stifling and never ending.  I was able to pitch in and take some of the burden off of the other project coordinators.  Not only was this a great help to the office, it promoted good will and a heightened moral due to the fact that I was ready, willing and able to lend a hand and I knew my efforts were very much appreciated amongst the staff.  All in all it was a very gratifying feeling to pitch in during what could have been a very frustrating, helpless situation.  I also feel that knowledge of more than just one position increases confidence not only in regards to job performance but in being able to better understand the technicalities of what we do at Maxons.  Lastly, I discovered that I rather enjoy coordinating for the project managers.  All in all, the entire experience has been positive and benefited our office and company as well.


From Melissa Natoli – Sales Associate at Maxons Restorations New Jersey Office

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