Successful Teamwork and Relationship Management

The best thing that I learned in the past year is that by positioning myself in the industry as a resource for a variety of client industries and sizes I improve my production as well as the company’s.

I haven’t done this alone, I have worked closely with multiple other sales people here on a variety of accounts and it has led to greater success.  Sales is often viewed as a cut throat group, I am proud to say I have had the exact opposite experience during my career at Maxons.  With good team work we have improved some relationships that have led to great work.  It was so gratifying to share this improvement with others.

My hats off to management for continuing to drive us in the right direction. Of course a big part of my following up success is due to what Maria (my sales Coordinator) schedules for me in advance. So a big thank you goes out to her for a job well done.  

This year we have seen that top-notch relationships lead to top-notch jobs!

Submitted by Rich Bailin

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