One of those customers you just remember – contributed by Sofia Pahidis

Everyday here we experience wonderful moments with customers where we get to help them out of a difficult situation and help them manage something unexpected.  During Hurricane Irene this increased drastically – we received so many calls a lot of what we were doing was helping people over the phone understand the basics of avoiding further damage from their floods. 

I recall interactions with one (out of the hundreds) of customers we helped very clearly.  Because our jobs usually last briefly and we rarely have repeat customers we often never speak to people once we are done on site again, even though we were intensely involved in their lives for about a week.  But every once and awhile we form such a lasting bond with a customer that we continue to stay in touch, below is one example I have experienced.   

After Irene hit I had taken a loss from a woman who worked in a law office who stated she needed someone to do water mitigation and document drying.  I had explained to her that we are doing the best we can to get to everyone and to please be patient with me on getting back to her about when we can get her a crew.  I fought tooth and nail to get a crew out to her to do the work and was in constant contact with this woman regarding her loss in the course of a two-week period.  I made sure was up to date almost on a daily basis on how long it would take.  Because this woman has never experienced anything like Hurricane Irene in her 60 yrs of living, she was unaware of how the process worked and I explained it to her in full detail.  Needless to say we were able to get a crew out to her to take care of all her issues and she was very pleased with the help that I had given her.  She was so happy that she said that she definitely wants to take me out to lunch and wants to keep in constant contact with me since I was so helpful to her.

I don’t know of many people who get to experience this kind of rewarding interaction by just doing their job – but we get the opportunity here everyday!


– Contributed by Sofia Pahidis, Project Coordinator

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