Deskercising in the office!

Last month in our internal newsletter a suggestion was made to try some simple exercises at our desks, to not only help us with any fitness goals for the New Year, but also to give us a bit of an energy kick a few times a day.

One of my personal goals this year is to try to make healthy habits stick. Therefore I jumped at the opportunity to be leading short, daily “deskercise” sessions in the NY office, and others are taking part in the fun too. I can only speak for myself, but so far I feel like it has really improved my work day. With our corporate theme in mind (Connect the Dots), I feel even more connected to my office!  I am excited to keep this going and find new “deskercises” for us!

Submitted by Holly Moser Ross, Senior Project Coordinator

NYC Office Staff 3pm Descercises in Action!  Holly Moser Ross looking over her shoulder at the camera while leading the group in some deskercises!

The training wheels are off!

Andrea Barragan was hired in late fall as a Project Manager for our NYC office, below she tells about the first loss she handled completely on her own! 

The first loss I inspected by myself was a loss that occurred on 01/02/2012 and was a water loss. The ceiling of the insured collapsed due to water that was trapped in the ceiling for over a month. After EMS services we perform mold abatement work due to the water category and after the insured contacted the environmental company provided by her insurance.

This was the first loss I handled on my own and I am proud of the way it went, especially as it involved several different services!

Below are photos of the sealed off containment area as well as the cut ceiling.

Saving a Few Dollars on Heat Can Cost You Thousands


When we leave our homes at night, we turn off our lights inside because electricity is not free. Similar to electricity, heat is also not free.

During the cold winter months, some homeowners decide to shut off their heat to save some money while they are out of town. However, saving a few bucks on heat could end up costing you thousands in property damage. Failing to maintain heat can cause pipes to freeze and subsequently burst from the frigid temperature. A frozen pipe can cause significant damage to both your home and your personal belongings. To make matters worse, your insurance company may deny your insurance claim making you responsible for repairing all of the damage out of pocket.

Under a typical homeowner’s insurance policy (HO-3), the insurance policyholder is required to use reasonable care to maintain heat in the home to prevent frozen pipes from bursting. If the policyholder fails to use reasonable care to maintain heat, then the insurance company may deny the insurance claim, which could cost the policyholder tens of thousands of dollars.

What does it mean to use “reasonable care” to maintain heat? There is no written requirement in your homeowner’s insurance policy that specifically states what degree of heat is acceptable to meet this requirement. However, The Institute of Business and Home Safety suggests that homeowners keep their heat at or above 55 degrees Fahrenheit in their homes while they are away for an extended period of time.

In addition to maintaining heat at or above 55 degrees Fahrenheit, homeowners should drain their plumbing system and turn off their water at the water meter. Doing so ensures that if a pipe break occurs, there will be no pressure to pump water throughout your home while you are away. Shutting off your water supply is the only foolproof way to prevent extensive damage to your home from a pipe break.

As long as a homeowner can show their insurance company that they have acted reasonably and attempted to maintain heat while they were away, then the insurance company will most likely pay their insurance claim.

Scaling Mount Washington!

Maxons would like to congratulate our Anna Chow on her adventure last week – climbing Mount Washington in January!  It was no easy task, she was challenged every step along the way, but she made it and achieved her goal.  We are happy to have supplied one of her many layers of clothing during her trek.  But we are even happier she survived frost bite free and is back with us!

Going green on Valentine’s Day

Green Heart

It’s right around the bend… That quintessential love-filled day. You know the one… Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, all those useless red, pink and white cards can do a little damage to the environment, too.Luckily, our friends at Rainforest Alliance have put together a Green Guide to Valentine’s Day, perfect for promoting love, without promoting damage to the planet!

Going green on Valentine’s Day | Ecoki.

Can you spot Maxons?

Our Regional Manager, Mathew Sanderleaf and our Senior Director of Client Services, Mary Ellen Parisi, made it into the BOMA Westchester newsletter after attending the holiday party in December of 2011!

Looking good folks!


Third photo down on the left hand side, the 2 people in the middle of the shot!