Seeing a damage from another side…

I have been a Project Coordinator with Maxons for more than 4 years.   Timing wise I have never been able to get out to see a job site and see the process of restoring property damage.  As much as I deal with the process from the office and get to interact with our customers and clients over the phone, I didn’t realize what a huge piece of the puzzle I was missing by not seeing our crews do the amazing work they do.

I got the oppurtunity to join Mat Sanderleaf on a project today in Manhattan.  There was a huge water damage at a high end clothing store that just finished  multi million dollar renovations in November.  It was amazing to see all of  our staff working very hard to remediate this damage so that the store could be back up and running as soon as possible.

When I arrived on site with Mat the best part was it didn’t feel as though he was delegating to our staff what needed to be done, it felt like everyone was one big team with one goal in mind. It was great to see hands on what is done on losses, the workers were amazing and explained to me what they were doing, what machines were being used and what work they already completed on site. Working in the office doesn’t give you a clear picture of everything that we do here at Maxons, today was great because it truly gave me a greater appreciation for what we do.

-Contributed by Talisha McClenos Germain, Project Coordinator

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