Employee Referrals for New Hires – Our best recruiting tool ever!

I think most companies that have a united work force and good corporate culture will say that some of their best hires over the years have been referred by other employees.  Here at Maxons we have found it is absolutely the best way!   Our best hires have come from all of us, so we implemented a system that rewards our employees for finding people as good as them out there, and bringing them to our team!

About 5 years ago we started offering our employees a generous bonus structure if they referred a job candidate to us and we hired them.  Over a 6 month time frame they have the ability to earn $1,000.00 or more depending on the position hired, and if a successful sales person comes on board and starts bringing in business right away they earn even more of a bonus!

I periodically remind everyone about this great structure and I am happy that we have already used this method in 2012 to fill a position.   We have a wonderful group – and anyone they bring to the table is always worth the time needed for a good interview.  I want to thank the staff here at Maxons for their hard work over the years, and for being a part of our recruiting team!

Contributed by Kelley Dolan Director of HR and Facilities

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