How to find the right handyman for your job

The number one rule in hiring any service professional: Get references. Word of mouth from friends and neighbors is the best way to find a good worker who’ll deliver great results. You can also search user reviews on Websites like (subscription-based, but with no sponsor companies).

Tips for saving on fuel!

Cars today save a lot of fuel compared to years ago, but a lot of it has to do with how you use your vehicle.  One easy way to save is to cut out “warm up” time; a car today doesn’t need a long warm up.  Instead of letting the car idle; for the first few minutes drive soft with no hard acceleration or high-speed driving.

Another good way to conserve is to keep an eye on the traffic and signals.  Why press on that gas pedal when the light is red or traffic is stopped? Coasting to a stop saves fuel and brakes over time.

And always consider a stay-cation or use mass transit for travel.  With the cost of gas it could be cheaper to take trips closer to home.  Keep an eye on local town and city web sites or mass transit web sites, they often offer local tourism deals!

So use common sense in driving, avoid long idling and drive a little slower.  If possible drive off hours to avoid traffic and keep that car tuned and your tires up to pressure.

My own personal example of this was a trip to Florida last year.  By planning I was able to increase my fuel efficiency from 24 MPG to 32 MPG.  I saved roughly  $41  per 1,000 miles and produced less pollution.

Contributed by Bob Held, Field Operations Manager.

Education and Training at the Maxons Office

This week we were lucky enough to host a Mold Remediation Technician Class in our NYC office, taught by Michael Pinto of Wondermakers!

It was great for our staff who attended the class as well as all of our office staff to see others from the industry learning the technical side of what we do.  The folks are Wondermakers are not only wonderful in their instruction, but just delightful to deal with!   We are looking forward to our next opportunity to host in mid March as well as hopeful, future opportunities as well.

A huge thank you to Michal and Susan at Wondermakers for helping us do this.  A great big thank you to my staff who made everyone feel welcome.  And a thank you to our guests as well, we’ll see you out there!

Below are a few shots of the students containing our offices for practice!

Would you like to join our team?

We are currently searching for a new Project Coordinator for our White Plains location.  This is an entry-level, administrative role, with a lot of very detailed data entry, information management and heavy customer and client communication.  See below for a further description:

Position Mission:  To help the company provide the best possible services by taking responsibility for clear communication, organization and documentation.

Position Description:  Project Manager’s in office link.  Responsible for taking loss intakes, organize and manage their PM’s files, follow-up on vendor paperwork, perform data entry of field notes and tick sheets, perform EOTS updates with info received from the PM. Field PM’s calls when they are out of the office. Assist with updating internal progress reports.


Project Communication

  • Setting up staff for each job.
  • Updates EOTS with QuickScope, pictures, estimated reserve and documents  and daily updates regarding the progress of the loss.
  • Work with outside vendor programs in order to provide information within the expected timeframe.
  • Send out reports (mail or email).
  • Assist with making weekly collection calls.
  • Assist with updating the weekly reports.
  • Schedule PM appointments

Job File Management

  • Keep job folders up to date.
  • Following up with insureds, adjusters, agents, property managers or public adjusters to get detailed information, i.e., claim numbers, phone numbers, deductibles, adjusters assigned, etc.
  • Fill out various documents as required by PM.
  • Speak with the responsible party to obtain information for the Certificate of Insurance – then submit request to Maxons’ broker.
  • Uploading all documents to the public network.
  • Complete administrative information in Xactimate along with the work performed based on the vendor’s paperwork.

If you would like to submit a resume, please include salary requirements to

Forget The Flu! Asthma & Allergy Bad This Winter – KPLR

Allergies Flare Up In Warm Winter Weather

via Forget The Flu! Asthma & Allergy Bad This Winter – KPLR.

Forget the flu, this winter is all about the wheeze. Asthma and allergy sufferers need snow and cold to eliminate mold and breathing problems. Cases of respiratory illnesses like bronchitis are spiking this season. When the air temperature changes abruptly like it has done the whole month of January, sinus pressure and breathing troubles worsen.

Physicians at Urgent Care Centers are seeing about a 20 percent spike in seasonal allergy issues. Issues that were once reserved for spring time or the change of seasons.

Dr. H. James Wender is the chief of allergy and immunology at Washington University’s School Of Medicine. He says his patients are miserable and can’t get acclimated to the extreme’s we’ve experienced since last spring. Allergens like mold spores, need bitter cold temperatures or they will proliferate the air. That’s what is happening now.

“This kind of warm up and down up and down isn`t good for our allergy patients and it isn`t good for asthmatics. Normally there would be this fall off after the first frost. But we really are just not seeing that. We really have had a limited amount of subzero temperatures.” said Dr. H. James Wedner Of The Washington University School Of Medicine.

Captured: New York from Every Angle

Our Project Managers are constantly on the move around the tri-state area inspecting and restoring every type of real estate imaginable.  On every loss we take photos and videos to document the loss and the restoration work.  Every once in a while Ed Christenson (Regional Manager in NYC) manages to capture some really amazing images while on a loss inspection.  We think the images he manages to capture are just too beautiful to keep to ourselves.

Last week Ed just happened to look up while inspecting a property for flood damage and this is what he saw.

Ed Christenson 021712

Stay tuned for more photos as he continues to capture New York from every angle imaginable.