Forget The Flu! Asthma & Allergy Bad This Winter – KPLR

Allergies Flare Up In Warm Winter Weather

via Forget The Flu! Asthma & Allergy Bad This Winter – KPLR.

Forget the flu, this winter is all about the wheeze. Asthma and allergy sufferers need snow and cold to eliminate mold and breathing problems. Cases of respiratory illnesses like bronchitis are spiking this season. When the air temperature changes abruptly like it has done the whole month of January, sinus pressure and breathing troubles worsen.

Physicians at Urgent Care Centers are seeing about a 20 percent spike in seasonal allergy issues. Issues that were once reserved for spring time or the change of seasons.

Dr. H. James Wender is the chief of allergy and immunology at Washington University’s School Of Medicine. He says his patients are miserable and can’t get acclimated to the extreme’s we’ve experienced since last spring. Allergens like mold spores, need bitter cold temperatures or they will proliferate the air. That’s what is happening now.

“This kind of warm up and down up and down isn`t good for our allergy patients and it isn`t good for asthmatics. Normally there would be this fall off after the first frost. But we really are just not seeing that. We really have had a limited amount of subzero temperatures.” said Dr. H. James Wedner Of The Washington University School Of Medicine.

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