Tips for saving on fuel!

Cars today save a lot of fuel compared to years ago, but a lot of it has to do with how you use your vehicle.  One easy way to save is to cut out “warm up” time; a car today doesn’t need a long warm up.  Instead of letting the car idle; for the first few minutes drive soft with no hard acceleration or high-speed driving.

Another good way to conserve is to keep an eye on the traffic and signals.  Why press on that gas pedal when the light is red or traffic is stopped? Coasting to a stop saves fuel and brakes over time.

And always consider a stay-cation or use mass transit for travel.  With the cost of gas it could be cheaper to take trips closer to home.  Keep an eye on local town and city web sites or mass transit web sites, they often offer local tourism deals!

So use common sense in driving, avoid long idling and drive a little slower.  If possible drive off hours to avoid traffic and keep that car tuned and your tires up to pressure.

My own personal example of this was a trip to Florida last year.  By planning I was able to increase my fuel efficiency from 24 MPG to 32 MPG.  I saved roughly  $41  per 1,000 miles and produced less pollution.

Contributed by Bob Held, Field Operations Manager.

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