LinkedIn Training

As a culture that encourages training, and a company whose brand anchors are speed, communication and expertise, we felt it worthwhile to give about half our staff a detailed LinkedIn training with a social media specialist. 

I have worked with Jennifer Scott through my HR Consultant, Workforce Engine, to improve my own skills using social networking, and specifically LinkedIn, to improve my candidate pipeline through active candidate engagement.  While sitting with her and reviewing the many tools and abilities of the site I couldn’t help but think that everyone should know how to use LinkedIn this well!  I set up a training for about half my staff with Jennifer. She took two hours to go through what kinds of things should be on our profiles to be sure that they were fully optimized and make it more easy for us to be found by those looking for the things we do. She also gave us insight into how powerful a great LinkedIn profile can be in helping to create a fantastic first impression using the various applications you could add. She then showed everyone how to do quality advanced searches, find and join good groups, and keep their profiles active, ultimately keeping our clients and prospects engaged.

It was a great experience and I know we have all made some changes to our profiles already based on her suggestions.  A big thank you from my staff to Jennifer for a great training session!


Submitted by Kelley Dolan, Director of Human Resources/Facilities

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