Field Knowledge for Office Staff Contributing Towards a Confident Culture

Recently we had 2 employees sign up for RIA’s Beta program for a basic water loss training.  Both of them had a great experience and I believe a lot more of our staff will be able to learn a lot from this as well.

Amy, our Marketing Coordinator, is new to the industry and did not have extensive training about what we do in the field after a water damage.  This very quickly brought her up to speed and she is even more confident in her day-to-day activities here even though she rarely has to get involved in any of the field projects.

Holly, a Senior Project Coordinator, has been with us for 11 years and has a lot of knowledge about how we handle jobs from an office perspective.  However, this was the first time she was really exposed to the “science” of water damage and was thrilled to be seeing this side of a project.  She is able to see her projects on a different level now and it is giving her more of an opportunity to interact confidently with customers.

We spend a lot of time training our administrative staff on how to do things the “Maxons Way” and I think we have forgotten over the years to train them in what it is exactly that happens out there on projects.  I am thrilled RIA has developed a program like this that is specifically geared towards getting office staff an increased knowledge base on what it is a water damage really involves.

~Contributed by Kelley Dolan, Director of HR/Facilities

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