The Ease of Freecycling!

Over the weekend I helped a family member move, we were running out of liquor stores to beg for boxes from, but luckily they had been using a site called for years and we found a few posts of people in the area getting rid of moving boxes.  We also ran out of bubble wrap, posted that we needed some, and got a few hits back of people who could spare some.  It was awesome!  Things that would have cost us quite a bit at a store we were able to collect quickly, easily and for free in their neighborhood!

I had never used the site before this weekend, however, I have since gone on and checked out postings in my local area.  It is a really great concept, both to get rid of quality items you no longer need, as well as to help people or companies that are low on funds to collect items they do need.  I saw a few postings from schools looking for school supplies, people looking for baby clothes, and people offering up items like couches and book shelves.  In the city it is easy to see the amount of furniture trashed as people move, it is right there on the sidewalk for you to trip over, but I think this is a great site that could help all of us eliminate waste as well as get stuff to those who need it!

Next time you do a closet clean out, or are on the hunt for something, take a look at

~Contributed by Kelley Dolan, Director of Human Resources/Facilities

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