Voices from the Past Continue to Shape Our Future at Maxons!

Over the years I have found several quotes from great Leaders that have really inspired in me in my day to day actions at Maxons.  I thought I’d like to share them and why I find them inspiring in case anyone else finds the same thing!

 A general is just as good or just as bad as the troops under his command make him.   ~General Douglas MacArthur

The first one appeals to me because of my management responsibilities.  In order for me to be a good manager, I first have to have good people to manage.  We are lucky at Maxons that this is the case!

I failed my way to success.   ~Thomas Edison

I find this quote inspires me when I need to work on selling our services and building new relationships in the industry.  Failure is a part of my success; If I never fail, then that means that I have never tried; if I never try, then I will never succeed.  So, failure shouldn’t discourage me, because it is just part of the sales process.

 Be courteous to all, but intimate with few; and let those be well-tried before you give them your confidence.   ~George Washington

This third quote has been helpful in all aspects of my life, it reminds me to be vigilant in trusting those around me so that the relationships I do create are strong and successful. 

Submitted by: Evan Seltzer, Regional Manager

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