Thank you to our Resilient Staff!

I want to thank everyone at Maxons for their adaptive natures this week.  We have had a week out of the ordinary!  The following are some of the great opportunities we had this week, and this is on top of keeping the business moving along successfully:

  • Client Appreciation Golf Outing.
  • 2 day photo shoot for the entire staff.
  • Office rearrangement to accommodate head shots (thanks to my in office furniture movers!).
  • Full Departmental meetings in NYC.
  • Full Staff Meeting in NYC.
  • Open Enrollment for health insurance time.

Usually all these things don’t happen in one week, but it was a perfect storm of getting stuff done together as a group.  Everyone has remained cooperative, adapted to the many changes in staff availability, and in general continued to be the great employees that they are! 

Thanks everyone!

~Contributed by Kelley Dolan, Director of Human Resources/Facilities Management

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