Seeing our Network Partners in Action!

Recently our Director of HR Kelley, had the opportunity to work with ARS in New Hampshire as her mother Cecile, had a bat infestation in her eaves there.  ARS did a wonderful job of keeping both Kelley and Cecile up to date on progress and discoveries in the project as they happened.  Tom, the Project Manager, was very patient and prompted Cecile to say the following to Kelley:

“He was absolutely a sweetheart. He told me that they would take care of everything and I was not to worry.  He explained what they were going to do and I’m feeling better already.”

We tell our Project Managers here to treat every customer like they are your mom.  Cecile’s glowing praise made it clear that  Tom, Katie and the rest of the gang at ARS certainly did that!

A big thank you from the Maxons extended family to ARS!

To see more about ARS:

The bat destroyed eaves through containment!

Containment in Cecile’s NH home.

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