Customer Service – Pay it Forward!

At Maxons we strive with every interaction to be providing the best possible support for our customers and clients.  It is one of our core values and a major part of our corporate mission.

Because we spend so much time talking about it, we have started to focus on it outside of Maxons as well.  Debbie  in our NJ office, and I were speaking earlier today about the benefits we have found in complementing our vendors both at Maxons and in our personal lives when someone shows us that they care.  As customer service has taken a dip in the public perception lately, we find complimenting someone on a job well done delivers a positive message to that person and their coworkers.  Who doesn’t like to be told they are doing a good job, or even hear the words “Thank you” from a customer?

Our corporate mission statement is, “To make the world a better place – one relationship and one project at a time!”  But I think many of us have taken this concept into our personal lives as well.  And an easy way to do this is simply to thank someone for showing us great customer service, it takes a moment and could make everyone’s day a little brighter.

~Submitted by Kelley Dolan and Debbie Romeo-Johnson

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