Eye of the Storm Refresh!

Maxons is very pleased to introduce the refreshed Eye of the Storm (EOTS) to you!  Our Sneak Peek into the new system starts on 9/21/12!  Maxons created EOTS over 8 years ago and we just completed a refresh to the look and functionality of the site.  Being a Team Member on EOTS allows you to log into our system and see the latest updates, photos, video and documents associated with your project(s).

If you are a new user you will be prompted to create a new password for yourself upon your first log in.  If you are already a user your old log in and password still work just fine.

When you log in you will then see your Open projects listed.  Once you are in a project you can see the Team Members and their contact information, the status of the job, any reserves that have been associated with the job, documents uploaded as well as photos and videos uploaded.  As the job progresses the updates will be added on so the history remains and you can see what has happened along the way.

We are excited about this update and look forward to this improving an already great system!

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