Maxons forming a group to Tough Mudder in 2013!

Maxons is excited about getting a group together to do a Tough Mudder on June 1st in 2013!  Yes – we are preparing this far in advance because this is no easy task.  Tough Mudder races are actually based on training for British Special Forces training.  It is typically about a 10 mile race, with 15 -20 obstacles scattered throughout.

We are hoping to have a well prepared group of employees, families and friends.   One of the main goals of finishing a Tough Mudder is to finish with your team intact and smiling – we will all cross the finish line together as one big happy, (but exhausted) Tough Mudder Maxons Family!

We are also excited about the Document Solutions Team who initially we were inviting to join the Maxons team but have broken off and formed their own Splinter Group!  Maybe some group training sessions down the line…
Let’s get running, lifting, lunging, jumping…

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