MAXONS Sales Team Spends The Day With Pici & Pici

As you know, as sales people we all think that we sell to people and most of us think our techniques are the best. Well, as the years go by and while working for MAXONS, I have found that there are many different ways of selling a product. It all depends on who you are selling to and what exactly you are selling. The main thing behind this is that you are selling something. Whether it is an object or a service, you are always selling. We all sometimes need to take a look at reality and realize that we don’t do everything right. So what we do is look for a little coaching to fine tool the skills we have and use and try to pick up on ways that might help us sell easier than we all do.
The Sales team at MAXONS was lucky enough to spend the day with Pici and Pici on Monday learning about new sales techniques.  The benefit of listening to Joe Pici was that I felt that he was real! He was not saying that he was the end all be all . He was a regular guy who showed us ways to not only sell but to read people better and give us a little extra tool in selling to them. Point blank, I feel he was saying know your target so he can become your client. I feel that Joe had some really good qualities that fit the personalities of our sales team. Personally I enjoyed listening to the things he said. I hope to try to use some of the tools and techniques because I too want to become a better sales person.

I also would love the opportunity to hear Joe speak again to our sales team within the next year. I truly feel he had a positive affect on me and I think the entire team got some good things from it.

Submitted by Rich Bailin, Director of Client Services

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