Business Preparations for Hurricane Sandy

In preparing your business against damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, please review the guidance below. These recommendations will help you protect your business by providing ways for you to limit risks associated with damaged property, equipment, or information. It also offers guidance to help you better deal with the aftermath of severe weather. Preparing against potential damage / disruption to businesses due to Hurricane Sandy:

  • Have lists of all employees, key customers and clients, suppliers, shippers, and vendors – along with their phone numbers, email addresses and physical addresses
  • Secure insurance policies, agent contact information, vital business records such as bank account and tax records in a waterproof, fireproof, portable container
  • Back up computerized records and protect the backup copy / ensure the electronic data back-up is on a portable hard-drive or stored at a remote location
  • Take equipment, computer software / hardware, and furniture inventories
  • Relocate expensive equipment to floors 3-7 where possible or move it to the most heavily constructed interior area of the facility – in areas which could be subject to surge flooding, move equipment to floors above the possible surge level
  • Cover vulnerable equipment which cannot be moved with plastic sheeting to minimize damage in the event of roof leaks or broken windows
  • Move all merchandise, equipment, stock, etc. that is on floors that could flood to pallets or shelves, to protect them from flooding
  • Compile a list of emergency vendors, such as plumbers and restoration contractors
  • Make copies of essential business policies, plans, and agreements
  • Take photographs of the business and equipment, both inside and out, to help with insurance claims
  • Prepare for a possible loss of utilities by having battery-powered lights, a battery-powered radio, a supply of potable water, and if possible, an emergency generator
  • Review the following documents created by your County and State Offices of Emergency Management

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