Communication is Key – Amanda Mucllari

Communication was essential for me during the transition between losing one project manager and gaining a brand new one over this past summer.  Not only did I have to reach out to our customers and clients to let them know of the changes, but I also had to start, finish, and do my best to collect payment on all the jobs that were pending or already in progress.  One job in particular was a self-pay that was in the middle of a repair scheduling conflict, and also had an outstanding water mitigation invoice.  In order to protect our interests, I had to tell the customer that we needed to be paid in full on the emergency water mitigation invoice before any additional repair work could be scheduled.  Due to our constant communication, we were paid a couple weeks later and continued with the work.  The customer was so happy with how his apartment turned out that he didn’t have any problems sending us another check for the additional work right away!

~Amanda Mucllari, Project Coordinator



Communication is Key – Customer interactions

A few months back I started to beta test a new job in progress call and Email program we were going to implement with customers.  Every day I would call and or email customers to check in and see how their project with us was going. I found that the calls and emails were very helpful for both us and our customers. My calls to our customers show them that we want to make sure that their job with us is going smoothly, and keep them in the loop on this project. The calls and emails sent out also helps us to build a relationship with our customers.  Calling and emailing our customers and clients is very beneficial for us as well as it opens up the lines of communication for them to address any questions or concerns they may have with their project.  Many of the checking in emails that were sent out followed with a reply back thanking us for a job well done!

~Submitted by Alyssa Matlosz, Executive Assistant/Project Coordinator


Employee Suggestion leads to Corporate Donation

Recently at Maxons we have done a super bowl pool as a group with friends and family.  It is a lot of fun and leads to a lot of congratulations to our winners the next day at the office!

This year, we had several extra boxes left to be claimed, and at an employee’s suggestion, the company decided to purchase the boxes and if they won, donate the amount won to charity.  Well as it happened, one of the Maxons boxes was a winner and it led us to donate the winnings to the Red Cross.

This small gesture embodies two of our core values – enjoyment and sincerity.  We were thrilled with the suggestion and were very glad to be able to donate to such a strong and active organization!

Would you like to join our team?


Maxons Restorations, Inc. is always looking for people with industry knowledge from the NY/NJ region to join our team, with a particular focus on the Long Island and Westchester County areas.

Our Account Development team focuses on building trust with our clients and is responsible for creating and maintaining successful business relationships.  Account Development is a challenge and the right candidate will be able to prospect the right vertical markets to bring new business to the company. 

The ideal candidate should possess a minimum of five years sales experience with the proven ability to promote new business, establish and maintain relationships with clients.  Existing relationships in the restoration, insurance and/or real estate industries is a plus.  An energetic, enthusiastic self-starter with professional communications skills and a strong sense of urgency and organizational skills are a must for follow-up and managing of existing accounts. Must demonstrate a record of reliability and a strong desire to learn & grow and work as part of a cohesive team. Travel will be required within the metro area. Car and Driver’s License necessary.

Please send cover letter with salary requirements and resume to

Communication is Key – Kelley Dolan

As the Director of HR and facilities at Maxons, ordinarily most of my communication is done internally with all our staff, or with Operational vendors.  But during Sandy I was lucky enough to join our team at the largest job we had in progress, and while there I had to get involved in all kinds of communication that I normally don’t get involved in.

I was responsible for sending out spreadsheets with labor, equipment and supplies used daily on this very large site.  Everyday I emailed our clients multiple attachments containing all this info.  Because I was sending this to out all along, any discrepancies were handled or clarified immediately.  This is only one very small part of the tons of communicating that went on down at that site constantly.  I was happy to be a part of it, I learned so much and got to work with a lot of wonderful people!

~Kelley Dolan, Director of HR/Facilities


Communication is Key, and what it means to each of us at Maxons!

Every year at Maxons we come up with a theme as a touchstone for all of us to refer back to.  We use this theme to guide us as we go about our daily responsibilities.  This year our theme is “Communication is Key!”  To keep discussions about communication happening internally, we are asking all of our employees to write some thoughts down about what acts of communication they have participated in lately that have had a positive reaction outside of Maxons. 

We look forward to sharing these on our blog throughout 2013!

Long Beach Polar Bear Plunge

Yesterday, a few of Maxons employees ventured to Long Beach to participate in the annual Polar Bear Plunge for the Make A Wish Foundation.  Although there was snow on the ground, they all made the run into the water not once but twice!  Pictured below Regional Manager, Mat Sanderleaf, Director of Human Resources and Facilities, Kelley Dolan and Marketing Coordinator, Amy Drinkwater. Polar Bear Plunge