Communication is Key – Kelley Dolan

As the Director of HR and facilities at Maxons, ordinarily most of my communication is done internally with all our staff, or with Operational vendors.  But during Sandy I was lucky enough to join our team at the largest job we had in progress, and while there I had to get involved in all kinds of communication that I normally don’t get involved in.

I was responsible for sending out spreadsheets with labor, equipment and supplies used daily on this very large site.  Everyday I emailed our clients multiple attachments containing all this info.  Because I was sending this to out all along, any discrepancies were handled or clarified immediately.  This is only one very small part of the tons of communicating that went on down at that site constantly.  I was happy to be a part of it, I learned so much and got to work with a lot of wonderful people!

~Kelley Dolan, Director of HR/Facilities


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