Communication is Key – Amanda Mucllari

Communication was essential for me during the transition between losing one project manager and gaining a brand new one over this past summer.  Not only did I have to reach out to our customers and clients to let them know of the changes, but I also had to start, finish, and do my best to collect payment on all the jobs that were pending or already in progress.  One job in particular was a self-pay that was in the middle of a repair scheduling conflict, and also had an outstanding water mitigation invoice.  In order to protect our interests, I had to tell the customer that we needed to be paid in full on the emergency water mitigation invoice before any additional repair work could be scheduled.  Due to our constant communication, we were paid a couple weeks later and continued with the work.  The customer was so happy with how his apartment turned out that he didn’t have any problems sending us another check for the additional work right away!

~Amanda Mucllari, Project Coordinator



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