Communication is Key – Anna Chow

During Super Storm Sandy, I have learned that communication sets the tone for everything!

I remember that I was on the road heading home when the storm was approaching New York City.  At that point, Jeff initiated the conference calls between The Leadership Team and the Regional Managers. 

As weeks went on, these daily conference calls became a routine for the entire Project Management Team and Leadership Team.  The teamwork between both groups were great because things were changing in a matter of seconds and having been fortunate to be apart of those calls, I learned their ability to identify which crews and machineries were utilized, hearing the importance of real time updates on jobs, and any concerns plus challenges that they were facing.    

“Communicating accountability leads to results.”   We all stepped outside of our comfort zone and supported one another without hesitation.

Even though I am not apart of the Project Management Team, I was in constant communication with everyone involved.  From setting up lodging for our out of town crews and PMs, speaking to Property Managers and lastly being on-site seeing the devastation firsthand. It taught me many invaluable lessons.    

Even now, months after Super Storm Sandy, we are still in constant communication in collecting the monies that are out on the streets.  If we are not, we will only be hurting our company by not collecting the funds we provided to our crews to perform restoration services to those in need.  Constant follow up with phone calls and emails demonstrates just some of the many ways that we are utilizing to make sure that we are successful in what we are aiming to do. 

It goes to show that we are on very par with our Mission:  “MAXONS is a unique organization of great people doing extraordinary things under difficult circumstances.”

~Anna Chow, Executive Assistant to the President


25Founders | NY Report

Damon 1


25Founders | NY Report.

25Founders is a collective of successful entrepreneurs who serve as an editorial board of advisors for NY Report. To foster peer-to-peer discussion about timely and relevant topics, we will ask our 25Founders a different question each month and share their responses. The goal of 25Founders is to provide you with ideas for your own business, based on real-world successes and strategies.

This month, we asked our members the following:

What is the most useful business advice you’ve ever been given?

2013 RIA Convention Speakers and Session Topics, Restoration Industry Association

2013 RIA Convention Speakers and Session Topics, Restoration Industry Association.

Rockville, MD – The Restoration Industry Association (RIA) will be holding its 68th Annual Leadership Summit and Industry Expo at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nev. on April 23-25, 2013. The convention will include presentations from many key leaders in the industry.

Dina Dwyer, CEO of Dwyer International, will deliver the keynote address at the opening session on Wednesday, April 24th.  Emma Cardini, senior associate with Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, and Jeffrey Gross, CR, and Howard White, CR, of Maxons Restorations, Inc., will give keynotes on Thursday, April 25th.

Education sessions will cover a wide range of topics ranging from emerging restoration technologies and legal issues in today’s work environment to creating successful sales teams. Among the sessions offered will be:
• Mobile Technology to Improve Profits by Shawn Silliman, CR, WLS. Silliman will discuss how mobile technology is reshaping the way restoration contractors are conducting business. From apps to photo inventories on iPads, Silliman will cover a variety of issues and different ways restorers can take their technology use to the next level.
• Restoration Estimating: Tips & Tricks for Success by Tim Hull, CR. Hull will discuss how to surpass operational and sales goals by starting with a systematic scope and relying on good habits of damage documentation and assessment.
• Restoration Hot Topics Open Form moderated by Les Cunningham: Cunningham will facilitate an open discussion on topics affecting restorers today. Topics will be generated from breakout sessions and surveys conducted prior to the convention.
• Infectious Disease Control by Patricia Harman: Harman will lead a discussion on the differences between disinfecting, sterilization, and sanitizing in a wide variety of environments. Michael Pinto, CSP, CMP; Halden Shane, M.D.; and Tom Peter, CIH, will discuss the emerging market of infection control cleaning and the science behind effective cleaning.

Other events during the convention include networking events and the RIA Dinner and Awards Banquet, which recognizes the achievements of industry professionals and those who have attained their RIA certifications. Additional registration is required for the banquet.

For more information on the Leadership Summit and Industry Expo or to register, visit  The cut-off date for hotel reservations in March 28th.

A Night at the Races – A Great Maxons Event!

I want to thank everyone who was involved in organizing and participating in NJ’s “Night At The Races” event last night.

People from our company and our guests seemed to have a fantastic time.  I saw people who were immersed in betting the horses; laughing and easy flowing conversation was typical throughout the night. I feel that this atmosphere truly brought us closer to our clients, and it is my hope that our relationships with them benefited from it.

Special thanks to Ruta, Amy and Alyssa for putting this together and making sure everything went well.

I also appreciate the employees from our company in the NJ office and outside of the NJ office who attended; your presence helped make this event a sparkling success.

I am lucky to work with such great people.

~Evan Seltzer, Regional Manager

Night At The Races 2013 - 014

A few Maxons staff members and guests with a race winner!

Communication is Key – from Angie Zontanos!

Post Super Storm Sandy, I had come to learn in this industry communication demonstrates the ability to help others.

The Long Island Region, parts of Queens and Brooklyn were heavily impacted by this storm.   Working in the restoration industry, we all gave 100%, working after hours, weekends – all trying to provide support to those who lost their safe haven.  Shortly after the storm, our CEO approached me and explained how I would be speaking to homeowners, understanding the extent of their damages and dispatching crews- as a coordinator, you are used to the administrative side;  this completely put me out of my comfort realm.

As I stated, communication demonstrates the ability to help others.  To do so, you must set up a standard of passing information back and forth.  First, with your field people; you set up the relationship in which they know to contact you (should there be a change, a problem or if the job is complete), that will be your cue (and responsibility) to contact the homeowner and pass the information you had received.  This ultimately prevents surprises; most importantly, it provides piece of mind.

I would communicate mostly with our crew chiefs when our crew would arrive, if the job was more extensive that described, I would immediately receive a call from our crew and informed just how much more work is needed; because of this, I would ask Project Managers as to how much more it would cost.  Then I would contact the homeowner and provide them the update – this way when it came time for payment, there were no surprises.  Although when the job was completed, normally there would be a sense of accomplishment; this time around it was hard to feel this because you knew the homeowners had a long road ahead of them.

This storm displayed how we all incorporated our company values including Responsibility, Sincerity, Energy, Tenacity, Teamwork and of course Results.  It tested us by stepping outside of what we are used to, taking on new challenges while handling our workload responsibilities.

~Angeliki Zontanos, Senior Project Coordinator


Communication is Key – Andrew Diamond

In my six years here at Maxons, I have never seen the emphasis on communication be so strong both internally and externally. A great example of this happened recently when we were called in the middle of the night to deal with a commercial water loss that spanned 5 floors in the offices of a law firm. 

The  tenant, right from the start was adamant they didn’t want their day to day operations to be disturbed in any way. They were putting this pressure on the property manager, which was in turn being relayed to our Project Manager, Kevin Faller.  Kevin called me and said he had great concerns about not being permitted to do the job the proper way to avoid future issues. I called my client and in my conversation with her she said the tenant was firm in not wanting certain things done. I told her that if that was the case, we would be sending her correspondence stating that we were not responsible for any future issues in the space as a result of this loss, and suggested she do the same on her behalf to the tenant.

When she told the tenant of our and her intentions, he met with his staff and almost immediately gave the go ahead to do whatever work was necessary in the space. The stellar communication internally and externally helped our client protect herself and allowed her and us to get the proper job done for her tenant. We received accolades from the management company for caring about her and her tenant!

~Andrew Diamond, Director of Client Services


E Day 2013!

The Independent Insurance Agents of Westchester County is hosting its annual E Day today.  A day filled with education, networking and a lot of smiles!  Below is a photo of our Maxons Staff on site there.


From left to right, Kathy Beltran, David Darmento, Mary Ellen Parisi and Amy Drinkwater.