Communication is Key – Andrea Barragan

Being with Maxon’s for a little over a year now,  I’ve continued to understand the importance of communicating with our clients and customers.  I have been able to witness that constantly providing information, not only creates opportunities but also showcases our capabilities and builds relationships.  I don’t have a specific scenario but a series of events that I can share when our communication has been successful, and makes me enjoy what I do and forget about the stressful parts of project management.

Just recently I received a picture from my insured thanking me for repairing one of his pieces of furniture after a mold abatement job, and in the picture was his dog with the toddler from next door smiling.  We also performed a mold abatement at the apartment next door, they are now enjoying their basement after several months of not having access to it.  The developer/ property manager who hired us received great comments from the shareholders and immediately processed all of our bills for payment, which we have received in a timely manner.

During Super Storm Sandy one of the property managers who we communicated with was extremely happy with not only the work we did, but how quickly we were able to proceed with the task at hand.  Do to our speed, expertise and communication he holds us in high regard and has referred two additional jobs since Sandy.

Thank You,

Andrea Barragan, Project ManagerAndrea 2

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