Communication is Key – Andrew Diamond

In my six years here at Maxons, I have never seen the emphasis on communication be so strong both internally and externally. A great example of this happened recently when we were called in the middle of the night to deal with a commercial water loss that spanned 5 floors in the offices of a law firm. 

The  tenant, right from the start was adamant they didn’t want their day to day operations to be disturbed in any way. They were putting this pressure on the property manager, which was in turn being relayed to our Project Manager, Kevin Faller.  Kevin called me and said he had great concerns about not being permitted to do the job the proper way to avoid future issues. I called my client and in my conversation with her she said the tenant was firm in not wanting certain things done. I told her that if that was the case, we would be sending her correspondence stating that we were not responsible for any future issues in the space as a result of this loss, and suggested she do the same on her behalf to the tenant.

When she told the tenant of our and her intentions, he met with his staff and almost immediately gave the go ahead to do whatever work was necessary in the space. The stellar communication internally and externally helped our client protect herself and allowed her and us to get the proper job done for her tenant. We received accolades from the management company for caring about her and her tenant!

~Andrew Diamond, Director of Client Services


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