Communication is Key – from Angie Zontanos!

Post Super Storm Sandy, I had come to learn in this industry communication demonstrates the ability to help others.

The Long Island Region, parts of Queens and Brooklyn were heavily impacted by this storm.   Working in the restoration industry, we all gave 100%, working after hours, weekends – all trying to provide support to those who lost their safe haven.  Shortly after the storm, our CEO approached me and explained how I would be speaking to homeowners, understanding the extent of their damages and dispatching crews- as a coordinator, you are used to the administrative side;  this completely put me out of my comfort realm.

As I stated, communication demonstrates the ability to help others.  To do so, you must set up a standard of passing information back and forth.  First, with your field people; you set up the relationship in which they know to contact you (should there be a change, a problem or if the job is complete), that will be your cue (and responsibility) to contact the homeowner and pass the information you had received.  This ultimately prevents surprises; most importantly, it provides piece of mind.

I would communicate mostly with our crew chiefs when our crew would arrive, if the job was more extensive that described, I would immediately receive a call from our crew and informed just how much more work is needed; because of this, I would ask Project Managers as to how much more it would cost.  Then I would contact the homeowner and provide them the update – this way when it came time for payment, there were no surprises.  Although when the job was completed, normally there would be a sense of accomplishment; this time around it was hard to feel this because you knew the homeowners had a long road ahead of them.

This storm displayed how we all incorporated our company values including Responsibility, Sincerity, Energy, Tenacity, Teamwork and of course Results.  It tested us by stepping outside of what we are used to, taking on new challenges while handling our workload responsibilities.

~Angeliki Zontanos, Senior Project Coordinator


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