Communication is Key – Anna Chow

During Super Storm Sandy, I have learned that communication sets the tone for everything!

I remember that I was on the road heading home when the storm was approaching New York City.  At that point, Jeff initiated the conference calls between The Leadership Team and the Regional Managers. 

As weeks went on, these daily conference calls became a routine for the entire Project Management Team and Leadership Team.  The teamwork between both groups were great because things were changing in a matter of seconds and having been fortunate to be apart of those calls, I learned their ability to identify which crews and machineries were utilized, hearing the importance of real time updates on jobs, and any concerns plus challenges that they were facing.    

“Communicating accountability leads to results.”   We all stepped outside of our comfort zone and supported one another without hesitation.

Even though I am not apart of the Project Management Team, I was in constant communication with everyone involved.  From setting up lodging for our out of town crews and PMs, speaking to Property Managers and lastly being on-site seeing the devastation firsthand. It taught me many invaluable lessons.    

Even now, months after Super Storm Sandy, we are still in constant communication in collecting the monies that are out on the streets.  If we are not, we will only be hurting our company by not collecting the funds we provided to our crews to perform restoration services to those in need.  Constant follow up with phone calls and emails demonstrates just some of the many ways that we are utilizing to make sure that we are successful in what we are aiming to do. 

It goes to show that we are on very par with our Mission:  “MAXONS is a unique organization of great people doing extraordinary things under difficult circumstances.”

~Anna Chow, Executive Assistant to the President


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