Communication is Key – Damon Gersh!

When I think about communication the first things I think about are relationships, teamwork, capability and caring.

These are the very things that have set Maxons apart since we’ve been in business.  I’ve said before that I believe that the more we communicate effectively and efficiently as a team the more competitive and successful we become in an increasingly tough market.   

  • When we interact with each other positively at Maxons, the more we earn one another’s trust and show that we truly care about each other’s success.
  • When we communicate effectively with our clients, we earn their confidence and help make their jobs easier.
  • When we communicate regularly with our vendors it helps us provide better service and build loyalty with our critical partners.
  • When we connect with our customers regularly we show them that we truly care about helping them through one of the most difficult challenges of their lives.

It’s rare in business that you can focus on ONE THING that is a WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN for everyone involved! That’s why it’s become our theme for 2013 to focus our attention on developing the regular practices of communicating better and more consistently on all fronts as an organization.

I know that it’s difficult to change daily routines as individuals and even more so as an organization. I also recognize that we all usually have a lot of things going on at any given time and it’s not always easy to find the time to go “Above and Beyond”.  That’s why we all need to work together to help keep our collective focus on this top priority throughout this year and beyond.  

I appreciate our staff making an effort and stepping up to try some new things to live our company’s values of “Improvement” and “Teamwork” while ensuring our shared success for many years to come!

~Damon Gersh, President & CEO


JFK Rotary Club “5k Runway Run”

Yesterday, April, 14, 2013, a few MAXONS employees gathered at JFK airport to race in the JFK Rotary Club “5k Runway Run”.  This 3 mile race allowed runners to take flight down the runway as planes took-off and landed right next to them!  All of our employees finished with phenomenal times.  Great job runners! 


Pictured above: Amy Drinkwater, Marketing Coordinator, Andrea Barragan, Project Manager, Jeffrey Gross, Executive Vice President Operations, Kelley Dolan, Director of Human Resources and Facilities.  


Communication is Key – Cynthia Nathan

Over the past few years I have learned a lot about payment options with insurance companies.  Sometimes we receive checks payable to Maxons, our insured and a mortgage company, this is known as a 3 party check.   When these checks are over $10,000 the mortgage companies require that we follow certain procedures to ensure our work was performed, charged and paid correctly.  When they determine it’s all finished and proper they will sign off on our check enabling Maxons to be paid.  This procedure can either be done by the insured or Maxons and 99% of the time the insured will opt for us to do this for them.

This process can be quite time consuming, and I have discovered, requires lots of specified communication; from us to the insured and then back to the mortgage company and then do it all over again.

Through all these requirements and paperwork I have learned that “communication is key” with our insured and their mortgage company.  We are acting on behalf of the insured so it is imperative that we have all the information as it is requested by the mortgage companies.

Many times because I am dealing with large call in centers in these matters one person will ask for something that another person may have either overlooked or forgotten about.  I then have to go back to our customer and get the additional information and then send back to the mortgage companies.

Without good communication on all sides we would struggle to receive payment for our services!

~Cynthia Nathan, Accounts Receivable Manager


Communication is Key – From Bob Held!

The Maxons warehouse and field operations staff depends on communication every minute of the day.  Many years ago when we were in the first stages of putting the warehouse project together, it was slow and I had plenty of time to deal with the daily needs from the whole company.  Before long, with the company’s continued growth we increased staff and now can handle new project calls to ordering materials, on a daily basis we can deal with almost any request any time. Recently Sandy put us to the test, but with communication things went smoothly.

Here are some of the everyday reasons for communication for the warehouse:

  • Getting calls for equipment, either pick up at shop or delivery.  We are helping the staff understand that to do our job we need the equipment counts and types, address, supplies and any special needs.
  • Coordinating equipment delivery is another area that without communication we would lose time.  Occasionally buildings have an official address and we need to actual deliver to another area.  This kind of information is much better to have ahead of time.
  • In shop we constantly tell each other what is going on and needs for each day, including things like, coordinating supply purchases so we are available for delivery.

That is just a small sample of the many pieces of communication that go into every project here.  When I started in the industry years ago, we used tone beepers, that required me to call a central number to get information.  Later beepers went numeric which saved some time.  Finally the cell phone replaced them all and was a dramatic change.  Now with one device I can get email, texts, phone calls, maps, internet and pictures to keep in touch and informed.  Communication keeps everyone on same page to help with our Company Mission: To make the world a better place – one relationship and one project at a time!

~Bob Held, Field Operations Manager