Communication is Key – From Bob Held!

The Maxons warehouse and field operations staff depends on communication every minute of the day.  Many years ago when we were in the first stages of putting the warehouse project together, it was slow and I had plenty of time to deal with the daily needs from the whole company.  Before long, with the company’s continued growth we increased staff and now can handle new project calls to ordering materials, on a daily basis we can deal with almost any request any time. Recently Sandy put us to the test, but with communication things went smoothly.

Here are some of the everyday reasons for communication for the warehouse:

  • Getting calls for equipment, either pick up at shop or delivery.  We are helping the staff understand that to do our job we need the equipment counts and types, address, supplies and any special needs.
  • Coordinating equipment delivery is another area that without communication we would lose time.  Occasionally buildings have an official address and we need to actual deliver to another area.  This kind of information is much better to have ahead of time.
  • In shop we constantly tell each other what is going on and needs for each day, including things like, coordinating supply purchases so we are available for delivery.

That is just a small sample of the many pieces of communication that go into every project here.  When I started in the industry years ago, we used tone beepers, that required me to call a central number to get information.  Later beepers went numeric which saved some time.  Finally the cell phone replaced them all and was a dramatic change.  Now with one device I can get email, texts, phone calls, maps, internet and pictures to keep in touch and informed.  Communication keeps everyone on same page to help with our Company Mission: To make the world a better place – one relationship and one project at a time!

~Bob Held, Field Operations Manager


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