Communication is Key – Erica Gitin!

Maxons mission statement reads, “To make the world a better place – one relationship and one project at a time”. 

Both personal and professional relationships become successful when we learn to communicate effectively and projects run smoothly when everyone is on the same page.  In order for Maxons “to make the world a better place”, we need to not only grow our relationships through communication and building trust, but also, we need to deliver what we communicate. 

As a sales professional, I am constantly communicating with prospects and clients.  It is my intention to make sure that they are aware of all of the services that we offer, that we are a resource for them to utilize.  Even if we don’t service a certain area of the country, we have relationships with other restoration vendors that we can refer them to.  By building trust with the client and delivering a reference for them, we are making THEIR world a better place and ensuring that their project is completed with the same great service that we would deliver in the Tri-State Area. 

Recently, I had a meeting with the Claims Department of a New Jersey based insurance carrier.  I had requested a meeting to discuss our performance in the past six months.  By keeping an open line of communication and letting them know that I am always following their losses through our Eye of the Storm Project Monitoring System, it put their mind at ease that we are constantly doing our best to deliver quality service to their clients.  Because of that, they requested that I send an email to all of the property adjusters reminding them of all of our services and that I make a weekly call to the on-call adjuster letting them know that we are available should they require EMS work on the weekends or after hours.  I made sure that I sent that email out before the holiday weekend, and low and behold we received a mold loss on Sunday of Memorial Day weekend via email.  The project manager reacted quickly and made a phone to call to the homeowner.  Even though there was no work to be performed (the homeowner took care of the problem themselves), the homeowner thanked the project manager profusely for calling him on a Sunday during a holiday weekend. 

In conclusion, I have now strengthened my relationship with the insurance carrier by delivering what I promised.  Excellent communication and complete reliability regardless of the holiday weekend or that it was after hours. 

~Erica Gitin, Director of Client Services


Communication is Key – Ed Christenson!

Communication (from Latin “communis“, meaning to share) is the activity of conveying information through the exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech, visuals, signals, writing, or behavior. It is the meaningful exchange of information between two or a group of persons.   (Wikipedia)

It’s no surprise that “Communication” is our theme this year at Maxons.  Everything we do involves communication in one way or another.  One example of great communication on a recent project for me was for an insured that had a health condition and very concerned about how we would handle the water loss she had in her home. She communicated to me that certain chemicals, odors, and dust could be very dangerous to her and that it was extremely important we follow her instructions.  By understanding and listening to her needs, I was able to convey this information to my crew and we were able to complete the project without any issues.  She told me she was very grateful for the way we handled her loss.

A very important part of communicating is the ability to “listen”.  Listening to our clients and customers is critical to our success.  By listening, I discovered what her needs were so that I could communicate those needs to my Project Managers, and crews.  If you ask me, It’s no coincidence that “listen” and “silent” have the exact same letters…

~Ed Christenson, Regional Manager


10th Annual Golf Outing


On Monday, May 13th, we held our 10th Annual Golf Outing at Patriot Hills Country Club.  It was another great year filled with golfing and networking.  We were also extremely lucky to have Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith join us all day!  Thank you to all of our staff and clients for making this such a successful event!

Congratulations to Damon and HEARTS for another successful PortFest!

Saturday the 11th was the second annual PortFest in Port Washington, NY this event is produced by HEARTS.  HEARTS is a nonprofit group founded by Damon Gersh whose mission is to add meaningful value to children’s lives and our community by supporting, promoting and enriching the arts in Port Washington and its’ public schools.

This year’s festival was a great event and helped raise a lot of funds for HEARTS and their future projects. 

Below are a few pictures of the Maxons family hard at work at the event!





Communication is Key – Debbie Romeo-Johnson!

Communication plays a significant role in our everyday dealings! 

I worked in a high-end supermarket for over 20+ years until the end of last year.  On my first day of training, as a cashier,  I was told “you are always on stage” and I have always carried that concept with me throughout my life experiences. Whoever we deal with from co-workers, clients/customers and family; people can detect how we communicate by:

  • Facial expression, imagine how much information can be delivered with a smile or a frown; happiness, sadness, anger.
  • Tone of voice, (how this is transmitted by an  inflection and pitch).
  • Making Eye contact (reveals how interested or not).
  • Listening

In light of that above, here at  Maxons communication is a very important ingredient as we need to communicate with our project mangers, customers, clients and co-workers on a daily basis and I do my best to apply what I have learned early on in my career and try to make the world a better place – one relationship and one project at a time.

~Debbie Romeo-Johnson, Senior Project Coordinator


Maxons – running all over the place!

Congratulations to 4 Maxons staff members who completed some great goals over the weekend!

Andrea Barragan and Jeff Gross ran the LI 10K on Sunday the 5th.  This was the first 10K for the both of them.

Jeff finished in 1 hour in 18 minutes.

Andrea finished in 1hour and 4 minutes.

ImageAmy Drinkwater and Kelley Dolan completed their first 10 mile race, the Broad Street run in Philadelphia, PA!

Amy and Kelley finished together 1 hour 46 minutes!

bs a and k

Next on the Goal list for this group – Tough Mudder June 1, 2013!!!!