Communication is Key – Daniel Fitzharris!

Since I have been with Maxons for the past 9 years, I found that communication is the key to success. I have learned that consistently and constantly communicating with your insured and client not only shows our level of professionalism, but also lets them see our skill level. Communicating prevents any possible issues and gives them a sense of security by letting them know that we are there to help. 

I have experienced this recently on a large commercial fire project.  This insured produced turbine pumps for the Navy and was concerned that we would not be able to get his production area up and running within a few days.  By reassuring him and communicating a plan of action with the Insurance Company, consulting firm, and the insured, we got him up and running in a timely manner.  We met with the Insurance Company on day two and came up with a not to exceed price for the job and agreed on a scope of work. 

By communicating on a regular basis with the insured and the Insurance Company it made the insured confident in using our company.  One of the most important communicating points of this loss was with the Insurance Company Adjuster.  Because we were so clear and thorough in our exchanges we were paid dollar for dollar within 45 days on a large claim.    

~Daniel Fitzharris, Senior Project Manager


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