Communication is Key – David Darmento!

During my time at Maxons Restorations, it has become overly apparent that communication is key; not only with clients/customers, but with Maxons employees as well. Constant communication between everyone involved in a loss helps eliminate any confusion and helps us focus on the most important aspect of a loss, the customer.

Communication during Super Storm Sandy was vital to successfully dealing with losses and keeping customers satisfied. Immediately after the storm, I received a loss which required some special attention because of the sensitive nature of the contents. The loss was a large photography gallery which contained many original prints which could not be replaced. Under normal circumstances, a loss of this nature requires a special amount of communication, but when crews and materials were in such short supply, communication proved to be paramount. A daily email was sent to two public adjusters, an independent adjuster, the customer’s attorney, an engineer, our project manager and myself to ensure that the building was dried quickly and to be sure that the art within was not damaged and was handled properly. Our communication with everyone through email and Eye Of The Storm proved to be the difference between a successful remediation and a disaster.

The communication and teamwork on this project was the key to our success. The job was handled quickly and efficiently, all of the artwork was salvaged without any damage and most importantly, we have a very happy customer.

~David Darmento, Director of Client Services


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