Communication is Key – Debbie Romeo-Johnson!

Communication plays a significant role in our everyday dealings! 

I worked in a high-end supermarket for over 20+ years until the end of last year.  On my first day of training, as a cashier,  I was told “you are always on stage” and I have always carried that concept with me throughout my life experiences. Whoever we deal with from co-workers, clients/customers and family; people can detect how we communicate by:

  • Facial expression, imagine how much information can be delivered with a smile or a frown; happiness, sadness, anger.
  • Tone of voice, (how this is transmitted by an  inflection and pitch).
  • Making Eye contact (reveals how interested or not).
  • Listening

In light of that above, here at  Maxons communication is a very important ingredient as we need to communicate with our project mangers, customers, clients and co-workers on a daily basis and I do my best to apply what I have learned early on in my career and try to make the world a better place – one relationship and one project at a time.

~Debbie Romeo-Johnson, Senior Project Coordinator


2 comments on “Communication is Key – Debbie Romeo-Johnson!

  1. Good advice. Most of our customer interaction is via phone and I try to remember to smile as I speak. It definitely makes a difference in how your attitude comes across.

  2. […] Communication is Key – Debbie Romeo-Johnson!. […]

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