Communication is Key – Holly Moser!

One instance where I felt my communication skills affected someone positively happens to be my favorite Maxons story because the extreme nature of it made it both very interesting and at the same time completely unforgettable to me.

I was working with a PM who had a “hoarder” clean up. The building had called us in to clean the immense amount of debris out of her apartment because rats were seen around the apartment and also in the common hallways. The PM told me that, despite how hard he tried, she was not very receptive to his cleaning recommendations. She was very resistant and anxious about the idea of a company coming in and cleaning her apartment. However, his instinct told him that if a woman were there with him, maybe the customer would be calmer. Of course there were no guarantees, he just figured it was worth a shot and he suggested I go with him the next time he went there.

When I stepped into the apartment it was a sight that I will never forget. There were narrow pathways to walk throughout the apartment.  The pathways were carved through a variety of personal debris.  I should add here that a strange juxtaposition was that in contrast to the piles and mounds of trash, out in plain sight were dry cleaned clothes hanging up with the plastic sleeves still on them.

I was introduced to the customer and I supported my PM’s recommendations as I talked with her. As I watched her listening to me, I noticed she was calm, relaxed and responded positively to me.  After the appointment, my PM acknowledged this too and thanked me for coming. His instincts ended up being right. The rest of the job went well thankfully. I was glad to have been able to offer that kind of support both with things I communicated to the customer and also with just my presence at the job. It was definitely an unusual situation, and I was able to handle it as if I had done it so many times before.

~Holly Moser, Senior Project Coordinator


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