Communication is Key – Jeffrey Gross

I had gotten a call from an environmental consultant contact of mine about a loss he was recommending us for on Central Park West.  The building had ongoing leak issues which now turned to mold.  Another company was on site but was not doing a very good job of controlling the moisture. The next day I get a call from a Cooper Square Property Manager asking me to get involved with an apartment in the same building. One of the unit owners was very hesitant and concerned and grilled me for a long time about our qualifications.  I was able to convince them to allow us to inspect the apartment and come up with some recommendations.  They were happy with our suggestions and we have been drying there for a few weeks now as they sort out the exterior issues.  Jason Van Namee, our Project Manager for the job has kept all parties in the loop and informed of our progress and has impressed all of the people involved. In the meantime, in addition to the one apartment we got from the Property Manager and the one we got from the Environmental Consultant, we got a call on two more apartments, both from different brokers.  After a progress meeting recently with the Superintendent, the Property Manager, the tenants, the Environmental Consultant and Jason, the tenant said that he now understands why the hype was made about Maxons!

I guess when your Property Manager, your Environmental Consultant and your neighbors insurance brokers all say Maxons is the best company for this type of work, you ought to believe them.

~Jeffrey Gross, Executive VP Operations


Project Coordinator needed for our NYC location!

The Maxons Restorations team is looking for a new Project Coordinator to join our team!  The position is located in Manhattan, Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 5:00pm.  If you are anyone you know is interested in working with us please send along a resume to

PositionProject Coordinator

Company Mission:  To make the world a better place – one relationship and one project at a time!

Departmental Mission:  To handle each project and provide exceptional service with dedication to improve our relationships and reputation, one customer, one client and one vendor at a time.

Position Mission:  To help the company provide the best possible services by taking responsibility for clear communication, organization and documentation.

Position Description:  Project Manager’s in office link.  Responsible for taking loss intakes, organize and manage their PM’s files, follow up on vendor paperwork, perform data entry of field notes and tick sheets, perform EOTS  and vendor program updates with info received from the PM. Field PM’s calls when they are out of the office. Assist with updating internal reporting for ARs and Open Jobs.


Project Communication

  • Setting up crews & sending them work orders for each job.
  • Updates EOTS with QuickScope, pictures, estimated reserve and documents and daily updates regarding the progress of the loss.
  • Communicate with customers on jobs in progress daily and document properly in database.
  • Work with outside vendor programs in order to provide information within the expected time frame.
  • Send out reports (mail or email).
  • Assist with making weekly collection calls, follow up with notes in database & if necessary, send out collection letters via FedEx.
  • Assist with updating the weekly report regarding accounts receivable.
  • Schedule PM appointments and notate in database.

Job File Management

  • Complete administrative information in Xactimate along with the work performed based on the vendor’s paperwork.
  • Assist with getting each job billed out in a timely manner.
  • Keep job folders up to date.
  • Following up with insureds and clients to get detailed information, i.e., claim numbers, phone numbers, deductibles, adjusters assigned, etc.
  • Link contacts (vendors, adjusters, etc.) to jobs through referrals tab in database and to EOTS (if applies).
  • VOID & re-open files, when needed.
  • Fill out various job documents as required by PM.
  • Speak with the responsible party to obtain information for the Certificate of Insurance – then submit request to Maxons’ broker.
  • Uploading all documents to the public network.

General Administrative

  • Answer phones.
  • Take New Losses.
  • Enter intakes into Database.
  • Any side projects company may need assistance with (pricing, vendor organization etc).

Essential Physical/Mental Skills Required for Position:

  • Ability to communicate effectively.
  • Ability to multi-task and handle many issues, items, and functions at one time and deal rapidly with multiple items in prioritized sequence.
  • Ability to be flexible and adjust to rapidly changing requirements and schedules.
  • Ability to sit for hours at a stretch and function in a sedentary role.
  • Ability to function in a fast-paced and possibly stressful environment while maintaining a professional and collegial attitude and demeanor.

Communication is Key – Javier Sanchez!

One of my best communication experiences at Maxons was managing a large fire loss in a residential tower on the upper east side. The building had over 200 apartments which were  affected by the fire in addition to the public spaces. The building has many long term tenants, as well as elderly or sick tenants.  They were very nervous about experiencing a second fire (a previous, smaller fire occurred in 2010).  Residents wanted to know what the next steps in the remediation process were, so the building’s management and I set up a time to meet with some of the tenants and listen to their questions and/or concerns.

Once we met with the tenants, the property manager, the superintendent and myself put together a plan to assist with the concerns of the elderly tenants and making sure that our 4 crew chiefs were on the same page.  The property manager, the superintendent, the crew chiefs and myself  set up a 2nd meeting with the elderly tenants and many of the questions asked this time around were about security and concerns with theft. I re-assured them not to worry and we also told them that only one crew will be responsible for the cleaning of their apartment and that I and/or the crew chief would be present during the cleaning process.

After this meeting, the crew chief and I approached 3 board members with affected apartments and asked them if we could have access to clean their apartments first, they all agreed and we jumped at the moment right away to get the crews ready to start this process. Each of their apartments took about a full day to clean (floors, walls and ceilings only) but during the cleaning process, the crews worked diligently while the crew chief and I were pulled away to meet with the NYC fire marshal and insurance inspectors.  They worked quickly and respectfully and it put the 3 board members at ease that theft would be the least of their worries. The following day, the 3 board members set up their own meeting with the elderly tenants of the building and re-assured them that they had nothing to worry about, that Maxons was the one for this job.

So after a few weeks, the time came around to bill the 1st phase of the loss, I called the property manager before sending the invoice to give her an idea of the amount and her response was “send it over.” There was an awkward silent moment on the phone before I asked,  “Is everything OK?”  She said yes and that she expected it to be more than it was.

Not only did she expect a larger bill but she then told me that during our cleaning process of some of the apartments, our crews found a few expensive items (rings, bracelets, etc) behind furniture, which some of the tenants had thought they lost for good. Upon mentioning this, the property manager said to m,e “Javier please hurry up and bill the remaining phase of the cleaning of the apartments and I will get you paid right away. The tenants love the crews and you could not have made my job easier during this time.”  It was a great way to end the job, and we were paid in full in less than 60 days of billing a very large job.

~ Javier Sanchez, Project Manager