Communication is Key – Jeffrey Gross

I had gotten a call from an environmental consultant contact of mine about a loss he was recommending us for on Central Park West.  The building had ongoing leak issues which now turned to mold.  Another company was on site but was not doing a very good job of controlling the moisture. The next day I get a call from a Cooper Square Property Manager asking me to get involved with an apartment in the same building. One of the unit owners was very hesitant and concerned and grilled me for a long time about our qualifications.  I was able to convince them to allow us to inspect the apartment and come up with some recommendations.  They were happy with our suggestions and we have been drying there for a few weeks now as they sort out the exterior issues.  Jason Van Namee, our Project Manager for the job has kept all parties in the loop and informed of our progress and has impressed all of the people involved. In the meantime, in addition to the one apartment we got from the Property Manager and the one we got from the Environmental Consultant, we got a call on two more apartments, both from different brokers.  After a progress meeting recently with the Superintendent, the Property Manager, the tenants, the Environmental Consultant and Jason, the tenant said that he now understands why the hype was made about Maxons!

I guess when your Property Manager, your Environmental Consultant and your neighbors insurance brokers all say Maxons is the best company for this type of work, you ought to believe them.

~Jeffrey Gross, Executive VP Operations


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