Maxons Hosting Mold Remediation Supervisor course on November 19th-20th

We are excited to announce we have a Mold Supervisor training course planned on November 19th and 20th at our New York City location!

We are delighted to once again be hosting Wonder Makers Environmental and Michael Pinto to come in and train folks in the area.

Information about registration will be posted on the Wonder Makers website the week of September 2nd.

Communication is Key – Kevin Faller!

A few week ago I received a call from an insured.  English was not her first language and because she was upset confused and did not understand how her insurance claim was being handled it was hard for us to understand one another.  I  managed to communicate slowly in a few words.  “Maxons is here to help you and set an appointment.”

When I arrived at her property she was so relieved and grateful.  I could see the relief and happiness in her facial expressions.  It was amazing how much better we could communicate person to person in a few seconds.  Being person to person I was able to calm her down with my non verbal facial and body language. 

Now that I was on site I inspected the damage and could see what she was trying so hard to communicate to me over the phone.  She just could not find the right words.

I was able to communicate with her face to face how the claim would proceed with insurance.  We had a simple easy quick discussion person to person.

The point is that only  7% of communication is verbal.  When we are person to person we communicate better because 93% of communication is non verbal. 

~Kevin Faller, Senior Project Manager


Communication is Key – Kathy Beltran

As a Sales Coordinator I don’t have a great deal of interaction with our customers since our project management team handles the losses. However, there have been numerous occasions when I’ve taken calls from customers that needed an immediate answer or maybe simply wanted to confirm something and instead of passing on the call or taking a message I’ve been able to assist them.  Because of our loss update structure and day to day notations to our database from our project management team, I’ve been able to look up information on losses and provided our customers the answers they were looking for.

Communication with our customers and clients is a reflection of how we communicate internally. It is a pleasure for me to be part of this culture and to have the opportunity to help and make a difference for our customers under such difficult times.

~Kathy Beltran, Sales Coordinator