Communication is the Key – Mary Ellen Parisi

I have been with Maxons Restorations for over 9 years as a Senior Director of Client Services and I have definitely seen the value of how important communication is during any size loss.  Whether it’s a commercial or residential loss, or during a Catastrophe, Communication is the only thing that keeps all the parties involved and kept “In the Loop” of what is happening.

One of my commitments to my clients is to always keep them happy, to make there jobs easier, and most of all, to not bring on any surprises while dealing with Maxons Restorations.  That is why internal communication is so vital for me as a sales person because it allows me to communicate externally to my clients.  To always make sure that everything is going smoothly on a loss. 

One of the best features Maxons Restorations created was our Eye of the Storm (EOTS).  We are one of the only companies out in the industry that has anything like it.  And my clients love it.  My clients tell me all the time that they receive great benefits by utilizing the EOTS tool. 

So in closing I leave you with this, “Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success” (Paul J. Meyer)

~Mary Ellen Parisi, Senior Director of Client Services


Communication is Key – Maria Carannante!

In our Manhattan office we have a seating area where the Project Coordinators and Sales Coordinators have their desks called the “Bullpen.”  I have been a part of the NYC office bullpen for 4 years, I have seen first hand how critical great communication is.  On  a daily basis, we communicate internally with anything from the availability of crews, alerts when the PMs have important calls or anyone else is waiting on an important call, to something as simple as communicating when we are going to lunch. 

A perfect example of how this became evident is during Hurricane Sandy.   The bullpen operated as a well oiled machine.  We were taking hundreds of losses, problem solving, handling entire regions (in the case of Angie & myself), acting as personal therapists and providing each other with comfort and release when one of us needed to step away for a second.    We constantly communicated and kept each other in the loop, getting to the point where we anticipated what each other needed without even saying a word. As time went on and the volume of phone calls calmed down, communication became even more important for knowing the availability of crews, gas and status of current jobs.  Without proper communication, things could have turned into complete chaos in an instant.

Although the faces in the bullpen have changed since I started here at Maxons, one thing has always remained the same:  Communication is vital to keeping everything working smoothly and efficiently. 

~Maria Carannante, Sales Coordinator


Communication is Key from Lou Triscari!

In the last couple weeks I have receive a calls from insurance brokers and property managers that have come to trust the Maxons response to their client’s damage. Two losses stand out right now, a commercial loss and a residential loss.  They varied in size and scope, but both involved a lot of communication on the site with all parties involved.

One of the commercial losses that I handled, was a water loss that started with a toilet overflow on the 5th floor of the building and affected several floors throughout the building.  I respond to the loss, meeting with the property manager, the building engineers and the tenants representatives. While scoping  the damage, setting up our crews, I was reassuring everyone involved that we would stabilize the situation and keep everyone able to business as usual.

On another loss a fire started in a exhaust fan in the bathroom of a three storey condo and caused soot and water damaged to varying degrees throughout the property. We respond meeting the homeowner and broker at the condo. We scoped the loss together while crew was set up to start mitigating the loss, during the loss I had to answer the homeowners and brokers questions reassuring the homeowner that we were going to help are get her house clean and ready to restore it back to pre-loss conditions.

On both these jobs I spent a lot of time on the project site communicating scope with clients, and putting customers at ease that we will get their property back to normal. 

I have communicated updates with the everyone involved using email, but what I pride myself on is hands on, face to face communication that I have with the homeowners, brokers, adjusters and property managers while being on site.

It’s a old school way of communicating but it’s a good school.

~Lou Triscari, Project Manager


Communication is Key – Lou Micchelli!

Quite some time ago, I received a large fire loss in a commercial building from a broker. From the minute I got to the loss, I was in constant communication with the broker.

I went to the loss everyday until the job was done and either called or spoke directly to the broker. In addition to communicating with the broker, I met with the Project Manager daily, as well, to see whether or not he needed help managing the crews since there was so many people on site for several weeks.  There was also a Property Manager and the family who owned the property were constantly looking for management on the site to ask questions or just making sure all the people were working.

During the project, I was on the property everyday and I walked the loss continuously through out the day.  I feel that my efforts paid off because the broker has told me more than once he will only use Maxons.  My communication efforts solidified our relationship with the broker and demonstrated the type of service that Maxons offers everyday.

~Lou Micchelli, Senior Director of Client Services