Communication is the Key – Kris Cuozzo!

As a Project Manager in the disaster restoration industry, I know how important it is to have great communication.  On a recent job of mine, I had to give excellent communication to a very nervous insured.

I received a call last Sunday night at about 10:30pm about a fire at a high end clothing store on the miracle mile in Manhasset, NY.  Many A-list actors and recording artists have shopped in this store recently.  I ran right out to the location and was at the store by 11:30pm to meet the owner.  They had an electrical fire in their basement, which serves as storage, shipping and an office for the store. 

After a brief walk through with the owner I was asked to come upstairs to the main showroom.  There were 7-8 people sitting on chairs and I had to stand in front of them as each one fired off questions to me.  For the next 20-30 minutes I had to explain to them when we would be starting, when we would be done, what they should do with the affected clothing, what chemicals we will be using, when they can open up again, etc.  An hour earlier I was on my couch getting ready to go to bed, and now I’m standing in front of a group of very nervous people grilling me with questions.  I was able to clearly and calmly explain everything to them and put their minds at ease. 

I was on site during the entire job and was in constant contact with the owner and managers giving them updates.  The owner was extremely happy with our response and work and will be writing us a letter of recommendation.    

~Kris Cuozzo, Senior Project Manager


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