Communication is Key – Lou Micchelli!

Quite some time ago, I received a large fire loss in a commercial building from a broker. From the minute I got to the loss, I was in constant communication with the broker.

I went to the loss everyday until the job was done and either called or spoke directly to the broker. In addition to communicating with the broker, I met with the Project Manager daily, as well, to see whether or not he needed help managing the crews since there was so many people on site for several weeks.  There was also a Property Manager and the family who owned the property were constantly looking for management on the site to ask questions or just making sure all the people were working.

During the project, I was on the property everyday and I walked the loss continuously through out the day.  I feel that my efforts paid off because the broker has told me more than once he will only use Maxons.  My communication efforts solidified our relationship with the broker and demonstrated the type of service that Maxons offers everyday.

~Lou Micchelli, Senior Director of Client Services


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