Communication is Key from Lou Triscari!

In the last couple weeks I have receive a calls from insurance brokers and property managers that have come to trust the Maxons response to their client’s damage. Two losses stand out right now, a commercial loss and a residential loss.  They varied in size and scope, but both involved a lot of communication on the site with all parties involved.

One of the commercial losses that I handled, was a water loss that started with a toilet overflow on the 5th floor of the building and affected several floors throughout the building.  I respond to the loss, meeting with the property manager, the building engineers and the tenants representatives. While scoping  the damage, setting up our crews, I was reassuring everyone involved that we would stabilize the situation and keep everyone able to business as usual.

On another loss a fire started in a exhaust fan in the bathroom of a three storey condo and caused soot and water damaged to varying degrees throughout the property. We respond meeting the homeowner and broker at the condo. We scoped the loss together while crew was set up to start mitigating the loss, during the loss I had to answer the homeowners and brokers questions reassuring the homeowner that we were going to help are get her house clean and ready to restore it back to pre-loss conditions.

On both these jobs I spent a lot of time on the project site communicating scope with clients, and putting customers at ease that we will get their property back to normal. 

I have communicated updates with the everyone involved using email, but what I pride myself on is hands on, face to face communication that I have with the homeowners, brokers, adjusters and property managers while being on site.

It’s a old school way of communicating but it’s a good school.

~Lou Triscari, Project Manager


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