Communication is Key – Maria Carannante!

In our Manhattan office we have a seating area where the Project Coordinators and Sales Coordinators have their desks called the “Bullpen.”  I have been a part of the NYC office bullpen for 4 years, I have seen first hand how critical great communication is.  On  a daily basis, we communicate internally with anything from the availability of crews, alerts when the PMs have important calls or anyone else is waiting on an important call, to something as simple as communicating when we are going to lunch. 

A perfect example of how this became evident is during Hurricane Sandy.   The bullpen operated as a well oiled machine.  We were taking hundreds of losses, problem solving, handling entire regions (in the case of Angie & myself), acting as personal therapists and providing each other with comfort and release when one of us needed to step away for a second.    We constantly communicated and kept each other in the loop, getting to the point where we anticipated what each other needed without even saying a word. As time went on and the volume of phone calls calmed down, communication became even more important for knowing the availability of crews, gas and status of current jobs.  Without proper communication, things could have turned into complete chaos in an instant.

Although the faces in the bullpen have changed since I started here at Maxons, one thing has always remained the same:  Communication is vital to keeping everything working smoothly and efficiently. 

~Maria Carannante, Sales Coordinator


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