Communication is the Key – Mary Ellen Parisi

I have been with Maxons Restorations for over 9 years as a Senior Director of Client Services and I have definitely seen the value of how important communication is during any size loss.  Whether it’s a commercial or residential loss, or during a Catastrophe, Communication is the only thing that keeps all the parties involved and kept “In the Loop” of what is happening.

One of my commitments to my clients is to always keep them happy, to make there jobs easier, and most of all, to not bring on any surprises while dealing with Maxons Restorations.  That is why internal communication is so vital for me as a sales person because it allows me to communicate externally to my clients.  To always make sure that everything is going smoothly on a loss. 

One of the best features Maxons Restorations created was our Eye of the Storm (EOTS).  We are one of the only companies out in the industry that has anything like it.  And my clients love it.  My clients tell me all the time that they receive great benefits by utilizing the EOTS tool. 

So in closing I leave you with this, “Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success” (Paul J. Meyer)

~Mary Ellen Parisi, Senior Director of Client Services


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