Communication is Key – Melissa Natoli!

It has been said that email has become one of the greatest time waster in an individuals day.  I find myself asking what ever happened to a good old fashioned phone call or a personal handwritten letter?  I think in this technological world we live in they get overlooked and pushed to the side for a quicker way to reach out and touch someone.  Quicker it may be, I feel the personal touch that you give with a call or handwritten letter gives a much higher impact.

I don’t know about all of you but I find myself not thoroughly reading half of the emails I receive on a daily basis due to the amount of time it would consume.  I also know that we are in the year 2013 and a world without email in this day and age is just not feasible.  Having said that, I am listing below some disruptive email behaviors.  I urge you to read through them and see if you yourself have committed one of the 10 email deadly sins.  I know I have!

Re-Forwarding Already Sent Emails: Save emails with critical data (passwords, attachments) in a place that easy to find later on, that way you won’t have to ask the sender to re-forward something they have already sent.

Marked Urgent. Many people have abused the urgent flag to be meaningless and decreases the chances I will take the email seriously. Please mark urgent only when it truly is urgent.

“ASAP”: Set a time frame when you need something back, ASAP does not indicate a deadline.

Silly Salutations: What’s with the competition to make the most polite or trendy salutation? Some people have “best regards” before their name, others tell you how much their like the British by signing “cheers.”

Puzzle Piece Emails: Sometimes the immediacy of email causes us to email thoughts in real time.  You may have seen this when you get a flurry of emails from one person.  You may get 8 or 9 emails that all have contradictions and cross references. Putting the pieces together to one message can take a lot of effort.

Follow up Phone Call: Allow people time to read and respond to an email.  Do not hit send and then immediately call someone to ask for their response to an email.   Wait a few hours before following up if there is a time sensitive matter.

~Melissa Natoli, Project/Sales Coordinator


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