Communication is the Key – Michael Haag!

My career prior to joining Maxons was with a hotel company.  In that position, someone once said to me ‘hospitality is making a customer believe that you are on their side’.  That didn’t immediately strike me, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that position accurately described all of our efforts boiled down to a simple statement.  People staying in hotels are out of their element.  They don’t know anything about their surroundings.  They’re worried about getting to their meeting on time.  Very often they’ve just gone through difficult airline travel and might be without their luggage or have simply forgotten something important.  Due to this, they often approach staff with high levels of tress or anxiety.  They need an ally, and when you present yourself in that light,  the relationship changes immensely.   This is true even if you are unable to solve their problem.  I should point out that having this mindset costs nothing but a little bit of empathy. 

When I came to Maxons, I didn’t know what to expect.  What I found out pretty quickly is that our service industry efforts are very similar to what I experienced in hospitality.  Likewise, our customers are out of  their element.  Our customers need our services because something has gone wrong (perhaps horribly), and they don’t know what to do about it.  We’ve all seen it.  You arrive at someone’s home to find an insured fraught with anxiety over damage to their home or belongings.  Not only are they worried about their property, but they have no idea what to expect from their insurer.  They need an ally.  All they see in front of them is a big mess causing disruption in their lifestyle and possible personal sickness to themselves and their family.  A few assuring words spoken softly with confidence go a long way to assure them that you are here to help,  that the worst of it is behind them. 

It’s not only about getting their place cleaned and restored, it’s about doing it in a manner that is respectful to their state of mind.  In many ways I believe the way we treat people is more important than how well we clean their home. 

~Michael Haag, Project Manager


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