Communication is Key – Richard Bailin!

In such a modern world today we have so many useful tools to communicate with one another or a group.  Some are good, others are very good and some are not so great. The tools we are given are only as good as the person using the tool. Much like a carpenter.

In our line of work it is imperative that we all communicate with people on our team, as well people we are helping whether it is an insured, a broker, property manager or whoever. But in the end our communication can make or break us. People rely on information regarding things happening or that has happened on a loss. Good bad or indifferent those calls or emails must be sent and addressed.

Emails are great but a call on an important matter might just save the day on a job or potential job. You can always follow that up with an email an have it documented. Too many times I see 10 or 12  emails going back and forth when a simple call or conference call will solve the problem.  Email is not always the time saver we think it is.

Our Eye of the Storm System has really made remarkable progress since we started it years ago. I often brag to people how effective it really is at communicating changes on jobs, and it has become a valuable communication tool at Maxons.

If our theme for the company is “Communication is Key” then we should all do a better job of making it happen. This means between business development, PM’s PC’s and our finance department.  The more information we provide to one another will definitely make all of our jobs easier.

In closing I think we have all had some really great stories to tell, but my feeling is that if we all gave it just a little bit more effort our daily job would be so much less stressful not only for ourselves but for our coworkers.

Honestly in my 14 years here we have made huge strides communicating.  I think the best is yet to come.

~Richard Bailin, Senior Director of Client Services



Communication is Key – Mike Clark!

When I first started out at Maxons my communication skills were definitely lacking. I had worked for a company in a small town of New Hampshire that dealt with one adjuster per a loss.

When I started taking losses in NYC I was told to speak with the property manager, the adjuster, the tenants and don’t forget the PA I was lost to say the least.

Lucky for me one of my first quarterly meetings was about communication, and it sunk in about what I needed to do in order to keep everyone involved and everything documented.

I think my favorite communication story to date is 10 East 40th street. It was a fire on the 28th floor that affected seven floors. I had to communicate daily with the building and its adjusters, along with six other office spaces that I solicited.

Everyone  involved got updates of the work done that day and a scope of work for the following day. It was so helpful on my end because all my bases were covered and I never got emails or calls from the insured wondering what steps were next.

Everyone would email me back thanking me for the update and stating how helpful the information was.

This job was billed at a combined total of roughly $600K less then two months ago.  I can gladly say that all of the tenants have already paid in full, and with the help of Jeff communicating with the adjuster on the building side, the remaining building payment will hopefully be sent to Maxons in the upcoming weeks.

We all have received letters or emails thanking us for our help and it is very gratifying knowing that by taking ten minutes out of your day to communicate can make the world of difference.

~Mike Clark, Project Manager