Communicaion is the Key from Sofia Pahidis!

Communication is a vital piece in what we do here at Maxons.  One particular way that communication is an important part of our everyday lives is the communication between us and one of our top insurance carriers, USAA. 

I am the liaison between our Project Management team, a third party administrator called Crawford Contractor Connection and USAA.  One of my key duties is to help keep the communication flowing back and forth between the 3 groups.  On a normal day, I along with others, receive emails throughout the day regarding assignments that we have certain time restraints that need to be followed.  I am the person that communicates this to my coworkers to make sure that this is completed. 

I have been doing this for 4 years now and noticed a HUGE change! 

When I started this position, I had no idea what I was getting into, in doing so, through all the communication that has been transpired between myself and the team, we have managed to hit their Top 5 performers list, which I thought was an impossible endeavor!  It just goes to show you that with GREAT team work and communication skills we can overcome any obstacle!  

~Sofia Pahidis, Project/Sales Coordinator


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