Communication is the key – Shelly Ramsammy!

I have been thinking about what I want to write as my Communication Is Key piece since the beginning of the year…a whole year to think about it.  All of the “CIK’s” I’ve seen have been very inspiring and focused on particular instances.  Being in sales as someone’s assistant, doing sales and as a reporting person in capturing information, I see how “Communication Is Key” on so many levels that it’s hard to pinpoint just one moment.

In my role here, almost everything I do comes back to Goldmine, our CRM.  I’m very well versed in what the capabilities are and the value of what’s in it.  When I assign commissions, I look through history records and read through activity of our salespeople building relationships and connections, issues people have and problems we’ve committed to resolving. All of the communication that goes in and out of there is key and essential to make this machine work.  It’s more than just completing notes and having numbers on some paper or on a spreadsheet…it’s getting reliable information in so that we can output trustworthy information to our clients and customers.

Not only do we rely on this information for our clients and customers, we rely on GoldMine for information for ourselves to set our goals, implement training, track our progress or lack thereof so we can achieve the success we strive for individually and as a team and company.  We’ve come up with a slew of reports designed to help us achieve our goals.  Over the years, I’ve contributed to modifying these reports so be specifically tailored to reflect exactly what we need.

My job is to make sure that everything you get is as accurate as possible and that means a lot of follow up from time to time to make sure the right people get credited for what’s deserved.

Overall, all of these tools have brought us much success and progress in creating a better communication flow to our clients and ourselves.

~Shelly Ramsammy, Director of Sales Administration

Shelly 2


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