Checking in on Work in Progress!

Our Project Coordinators do a great job of communicating with customers while a job is in progress, as Sarah Bolles mentions below, sometimes that last check in call is the most important!

One lesson I have learned while making my customer service calls and emails is the importance of making one final call at the completion of a job.  Several months ago, I checked in with a property manager at the end of a mold remediation job we performed at one of her commercial offices.  She responded to my email letting me know that the work went well, but that there was still furniture and debris that needed to be carted away.  To our knowledge, all of the debris had already been removed.  Because I checked in with the property manager, I was able to get the debris removed from the site in a timely manner, and was able to keep the customer happy with our work.  Had I not made this final customer service email, the debris may have remained on site for several extra days before the customer called, and at that point, she would have likely been upset that the debris had not yet been dealt with.

This was the first job we performed for this property manager, and since then she has referred us one more job. In addition, last week she told us that she was testing Maxons and that we passed, and she will be calling us for work in the future.  It is encouraging to see how much one phone call or email can really pay off.

~Sarah Bolles, Project Coordinator


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